Bleu Blanc Rouge

Classic collection

It’s all about playing the game of mixing traditional furniture with fun and unusual objects to create an intense environment.

Douce France

Shabby chic collection

Feel the romantic inspirations, this interior is about the creation of soft & gentle.Interior in a feminine and sophisticated way.


Traditional collection

Inspired by the new spirit of Parisian bistro ( French restaurant )Balancing with styles between History and Modernity to create a vibrating atmosphere.


Contemporary collection

Designed in a pure and elegant way, this collection is a mix of graphical elements in order to be trendy and stylish.


Tendance New Zealand

Don't hesitate to put some rattan furniture. Add some tropical motif and retro look to your home. Green is a calm regenerating color

Calor Del Sol

Tendance Mexico

Mixing motifs, bright colors and shape of blue to create a jungle oasis look. Feel like you are on vacation everyday !